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Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

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Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow.

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Pregnancy is a magical experience, but even the best pregnancies come with a lot of stress. Sore back, swollen feet, fatigue - the works. That's where Cozy Bump comes in.

It is a specially designed pregnancy pillow that allows you to rest on your stomach. Its patent design features a hole to rest your belly in, taking pressure off your spine and letting you relax.

Fully inflatable, the pregnancy pillow can be adjusted depending on your needs. The central ring is kept separate from the main pillow, allowing you to inflate or deflate depending on how much support you need. The maternity pillow also includes a headrest you can use with or without a regular pillow. You even get to choose between two colours, pink and blue.

OB/GYN and chiropractor approved, here's what some of them had to say after testing it with their patients.
"I've had patients lay on it, and I would highly recommend the Cozy Bump as a way for pregnant women to easily and safely, finally get a good night's sleep." - Dr. Robert Beim, OB/GYN
"The Cozy Bump is designed excellently to help relieve pressure for things like chronic lower back pain and herniated disks. He also made it a point to say, The round bump [in the center of the bed] and the decline for the legs actually causes a decompression of the spine when you lay down on it." - Dr. Vincent Amato, DC

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