About Cozy Bump

At long last there’s a pregnancy pillow available for expecting mums who long to rest on their stomachs. The Cozy Bump, a pregnancy body pillow built to safely cradle baby bumps, is OB/GYN and chiropractor-approved to help you rest easy.

    • The inflatable pregnancy body pillow has been designed with a wide headrest that allows users to choose if they prefer to use with or without a their regular pillow.
    • The raised central bump provides gentle pressure to the hips, which assists in relieving the lower back pain that often comes along with a growing midsection.
    • The raised ring is its own separate air chamber from the rest of the pregnancy pillow, which allows the user to adjust its size as they go from the early weeks of morning sickness to baby’s due date. A fun baby shower gift for every mum, the Cozy Bump’s two air chambers can be individually inflated for the perfect fit.
    • From the bump on down, the reclining angle also assists relieving back pressure.
  • Additionally, Cozy Bump is made of PVC fabric that is phthalate free, azo free, and cadium free -- that means mums-to-be can rest easy knowing they’re relaxing on the same material that’s approved to make food containers and baby inflatables.



“I was at a point in my pregnancy where I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep, rest or even sit, and like most women I was at a point of desperation and willingness to try ANYTHING!” Kathleen, co-creator of the Cozy Bump, has said of its origins. What once started as an experiment with an inner tube now has doctors and fans a like raving.


When asked about the maternity pillow Dr. Robert Beim, OB/GYN, commented, “I’ve
had patients lay on it, and I would highly recommend the Cozy Bump as a way for pregnant women to easily, safely finally get a good night’s sleep.



“Got my Cozy Bump in the mail today!” Facebook user Angela told us after trying her body pillow out. “It is absolutely wonderful and I recommend it to any pregnant woman that just wants to be comfortable on their belly! I'm in love!!”

While it was Claire that said, “If you're checking wall posts to see if it's worth it, IT IS. Go buy it.”